07/28/20208:43 pm

working on new project/website

Today was good! I worked on a website for Beverly’s business. I basically finished it in 2 days. Just made it from scratch, using bootstrap framework. There’s not a whole lot of content on there. I needed something productive to do and fill my time, anyway. I spent all day on it. It wasn’t hard. It’s what I do 🙂

I’m just grateful to have a roof over my head and sweet roommates. I have the best roommates! Seriously 🙂 Everyone is normal and accepting. I’m the awkward, crazy one lol.

I’m still trying to lose weight. I ate a little too much today. I ate a bunch of cheese. Way too much. Still need to lose the 10! At least I’m not really gaining weight; just kind of maintaining it.

Can’t wait to see Dad again tomorrow 🙂 I love whenever I can get away for the day and relax at his house. He has no idea how grateful and lucky I am to have him in my life still, despite all of my craziness. I don’t know how he managed to put up with all of my craziness (the past year). I’m lucky to still have him in my life. He’s done so much for me 🙂

07/27/20201:33 pm

i took down so many old posts…

Some were delusional, some real. I’m just going to try to post positive stuff from now on 🙂

07/25/202011:19 pm

Need to lose weight…

It’s really not as easy being a transgender female as some people think. I get judged a lot and there’s a lot of pressure to be passable and act as feminine as possible. I’m always self conscious and there’s a lot of transogyny (people expecting you to sound and act a certain way). I just do my own thing and I’m authentic and true to myself. I don’t need to wear makeup all the time and I can speak how I want 🙂 The gender reassignment surgery was the most important thing for me in my transition. I don’t produce testosterone and I have the same estrogen levels as any other woman. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be a certain weight, though. I just want to lose like 10 more pounds. I feel healthier that way, anyway. I can’t be eating sugar and a bunch of junk food. I need to make smarter choices when food shopping and limit my calories.

07/25/20209:07 pm

Had a great day!

And I realized some of my old posts were too dramatic and delusional.

Got some stuff for the house with Dad and had Papa Murphy’s pizza. Their gourmet vegetarian pizza is bomb!

Spent some quality time with Starshine and Sydney 😀 They are doing amazing..i got them a small stuffed bear the day before, randomly, when I was looking in Goodwill. Sydney was playing with it right away – biting it and rolling around with it. Cats are healthy and doing fine and being well taken care of, obviously.

Space is so cramped in apartment; however, me and roommates will work through it 🙂 I love them! I hope they like me, so far.

07/24/202010:56 am

got some stuff, need some stuff…

i got some hangers. tomorrow i’m going to Dad’s house and picking up and getting some stuff, mostly food and stuff. i need a bin to keep some of my personal stuff in. space is so cramped. 😐

had a slightly abrasive discussion with my roomies about stuff like k-cups but i think we are figuring stuff out. i think it’s best to keep my stuff separate from everyone and if someone wants something, they can just ask me, instead of splitting some food stuff, like k-cups. because i notoriously drink a ton of coffee. and so does everyone else. so i’ll probably stick mostly to my folgers instant coffee… k-cups are expensive and between all of the heavy coffee drinkers, they’ll go fast. heck, my folgers goes by quickly. i’m going to get back into my coffee routine tomorrow.

besides that, i love them all 🙂 i’m not sure if they love me as much as i love them. i love everyone here. i have the best roomies. and if there are any issues, they can just come to me and i’ll fix it. i’ll do all of the chores, i don’t care. i’ll keep to myself more. i’ll try make sure my hair doesn’t get all over. i’m a cat that sheds a lot 😐