07/31/20208:51 pm

i love my little journal ;D

I love my journal so much ;D I custom built this in WordPress. It’s sooo cute 🙂 because i made it. duh. It’s like my own little personal twitter. It’s minimal for a reason. I put a lot of effort and thought into creating it and i’m proud of it 🙂

07/31/20208:28 pm

ugh, ate too much today.

too much cheese and green pea crisps. tomorrow i’ll be better. still need to lose around 10lbs!

07/31/202010:24 am

i hope my roommates can help me w/ makeup

they said they would. just need products again. i’ve been depressed and hadn’t been focused on my appearance as much and dealing with other stuff, but i’m getting back to normalcy. i love my roommates! 🙂

07/31/20208:40 am

i wanna be a instragram model

i need to get back into my makeup game though 🙂 someone help me pick out products and help. and i need to video some stuff for youtube 😀 i have the best dad in the world, he’s going to buy me some stuff from target soon.

07/29/20208:12 pm

finished basic website, had good day w/ dad

Had a great day with Dad. Just hung out at his house.

Now working on the Xtended Arms website. For now, the Xtended Arms website will look very similar to the Dream Builders one, just different colors and logo, etc. Until I can come up with some other ideas for content/images.

I registered bayareadreambuilders.com (basic website is done) and xtendedarms.com (still in progress) for them, set up the hosting and created the twitter accounts, @dreambuildersca and @xtendedarms.