08/03/20206:51 pm

I have a phone consultation with Dr. Gurujal from Align Surgical on 9/2 for breast augmentation.

Hopefully I can get my breast augmentation by the end of the year! For me the bottom surgery was the most important part of my transition. I still suck at doing makeup, but trying!

08/03/20205:34 pm

had fun last night with a new friend!

hung out with another transgender woman last evening! we went hiking then had pizza in berkeley. i have a new friend, yayyyy! my only friends are my dad, roommates and now her. maybe we will hang out again sometime. not sure if she likes me lol. i can be shy and awkward.

08/02/20208:26 am

already ate too much cheese lol

ate too much cheese this morning. i was up early this morning. i haven’t been getting much sleep. idk why. hoping to hang out with someone in berkeley this evening! 🙂

08/01/20207:55 pm

ate too much today.

Ate way too much today 🙁 probably gained like 2lbs today. still need to lose the 10. or 12 now. tomorrow I need to eat as little as possible. I got my replacement EBT card in the mail, though! So I’ll be buying only healthy stuff and offering to buy stuff for my roommates since I have some value accumulated on there 🙂

08/01/20204:18 pm

i have a youtube channel