08/05/20208:32 pm

feeling self conscious and fat, ate way too much today

🙁 i just wanna be a youtube star. first i need to lose like 10lbs then start my makeup and eating videos 😐

08/05/202011:38 am

plans canceled for today, still going to youtube

she canceled! but for good reason, job interview. hopefully we can hang out. i could use a friend. especially someone that understands me and can relate (her being transgender, as well).

i’m still going to make a youtube video. i made a video of myself eating blueberries. i have a boring life, but it’s okay.

check out my youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAgtxG5_u7y3eZ7a65Xx6qw or you can just go to bree.net/youtube it’s easier to remember.

08/04/202011:33 pm

I’m learning how to edit videos…

I’m learning how to edit videos so that I can hopefully make a cool/fun video with someone tomorrow! ;D I’m planning to hang out with another transgender woman that I met on Instagram. She lives closer than the one I hung out with the other day 😀

08/04/20206:20 pm

i’ve been eating lots of blueberries lately


08/04/20205:57 pm

Bought a small statue for my Dad at Goodwill (and a small sample of “Diptyque 34 l’eau du trente quatre”)

I saw it on the display from outside the window and it looked cool. It looks kind of like one of those Easter Island statues. It’s made of stone. It was only $1.99. I’m sure he will like it 🙂

I also bought a small, half-sized sample of “Diptyque 34 l’eau du trente quatre”. It smells really good! I bought it without smelling it!