08/09/20206:42 am

trying to come up with good content ideas for my channel…

08/08/202011:40 pm

it’s the 2-year anniversary of my gender reassignment surgery! 8/8/18

08/08/20201:49 am

my roommate did my makeup!

i love her so much! 😀

check out the videos – bree.net/youtube

08/08/20201:48 am

diet not doing so well, but keeping myself busy

i have been binging/eating late at night 🙁 this isn’t good because it makes me gain more weight.

i think i’m also gaining weight because i have been eating lots of fruit, which has sugar. i do better on a low carb diet. also, i need to go for more walks during the day… and of course get rid of the late night snacking. i don’t eat UNHEALTHY, I just eat wayyy too much and too often. too many almonds, too much cheese, too much fruit. in the morning, i regret my late-night food binge.

oh yeah, i made more videos. and more on the way. youtube is keeping my sane and occupied. i’ll be posting my video journals/vlogs regularly…

08/07/20207:24 am

forgot to journal yesterday, had good day with dad, made video…

basically hung out with dad and watched pose on netflix and paced around. i made a “vlog”, video blog. check it out on my youtube – bree.net/youtube

i had trader joe’s frozen paneer tikka masala. i’m still in the middle of writing a review of it – bree.net/08/06/2020/review-trader-joes-paneer-tikka-masala

i’m going to make a video of me practicing makeup today 🙂