08/13/20206:54 pm

boring day, added new youtube video


08/12/202010:45 pm

roommate purposely calls me by wrong pronouns

My roommate Charli kept purposely using the wrong pronouns. First said “him”. Then right after correcting her, she referred to me as “he” in a conversation like 4 times in a row, literally seconds after correcting her. She was doing it on purpose because she was mad for no reason. Seriously, what the heck? It’s not even ignorance. She knows better.

08/11/20208:16 pm

made more youtube vlogs, made a tiktok account and cool tiktok videos!

check out my youtube. today was pretty boring. just being my goofy self. and i made a tiktok account! @breesolaris. go to tiktok.com/@breesolaris and see my cool videos. there’s a cool game on there where you tilt your head to answer trivia questions but i wasn’t fast enough at it so my score was 1/10 -_-

08/10/20209:56 pm

made/edited videos all day lol

and didn’t eat TOO much. went to 99 ranch and got tofu, but i haven’t made any yet. i’ll be sticking to my diet better 🙂 ate lots of cheese today. my only flaw was too many blueberries and an apple. i don’t think apples are that healthy.

i practiced makeup in the morning and was horrible. i’m afraid of overdoing it with the makeup because i don’t want to ruin my good skin.

i made more youtube videos. check them out! warning: they can be boring. bree.net/youtube

08/10/20207:38 am

had a good day with dad yesterday, going for walks more starting today/this morning…