08/16/20206:26 pm

thunder and rain in the morning

08/15/20209:09 pm

laptop issues, day with dad and cats…

check out the vlog…

08/14/20208:12 pm

oh yeah, tomorrow i’ll have blue hair ;D

08/14/20207:49 pm

boring day, ate too much

ate wayyy too much hummus just now, toward the end of the day. made a video in the morning but stopped recording things in the early afternoon. going to dad’s house tomorrow. tried eating jalapeno peppers for youtube, but couldn’t eat more than one. i’m going to try again tomorrow. check out the video… bree.net/youtube. i was able to take a nap in the afternoon. it’s almost 8. going to try to fall asleep early and wake up early 🙂

08/13/202011:02 pm

i forgive my roommate for using wrong pronouns and want to be friends again