07/22/20205:08 pm

friendly roomies!

the other people here at the room share are sooo friendly, i just wish there was more space for my clothes, but it’s okay. i need hangers!

this one girl is so friendly, she calls me breebree 🙂 i even danced with her for a minute lol

07/22/20207:24 am

I’m moving into my new place in Concord today.

I’m moving into my new place in Concord today. It’s a room share for $850/mo with other female roommates. Like 5-6 people to a 2-br Hopefully they are nice to me! (& see/treat me as a woman). I’ll just be my quiet & shy self and maybe they can bring me out of my shell a little 🙂

07/21/20204:23 pm

Got a room share for $850/mo in Concord, nervous…

Hi journal. Busy day today for me today. I found a room share for $850/mo in Concord! I’ll be moving in tomorrow. I’m nervous. I don’t know if they’ll accept/recognize me as a woman. That’s my worry where ever I go. It’s hard for me to go places on my own, without someone by my side. I miss him so much. I’m used to him being by my side everywhere I go…

07/20/20201:58 pm

Things are going a little better today


06/15/20202:19 pm

phone is acting weird.. can’t tweet or use 2FA… Can’t even access Gmail…


When I call my Dad it doesn’t go through…

Texts don’t go through.

And I can’t receive texts. Some are coming in very late.

I can’t use 2FA to access my domain names but I can access cpanel and WordPress for my sites.

I can’t access my domain name control panels.

this is urgent!

I can’t tweet right now either because of 2FA…

This is my only outlet right now…

I can’t access Gmail!!!

My phone has been swapped. This is urgent. I need to go to a MetroPCS store asap. When I try to call my Dad it says network busy.