07/04/202012:26 am

had to change all passwords to something random

My passwords are changed to something random that I don’t have memorized… I have it printed out on paper for security reasons. They see through my eyes. I am leaving tomorrow with like no money or home and taking my cats with me. My Dad turned his back on me and is letting Randy assume my life and identity. This is insane. I took 2FA off for now, in case they try to compromise my MetroPCS phone number/account with my IDs. I need witness protection. Randy is extremely jealous of my domain names and websites and pretty much everything about me. This is so creepy. If my number is compromised they can access cpanel and WordPress still but not main namecheap account. If namecheap is listening, it’s still me here, don’t let them change the password on my namecheap account without being signed in.

07/03/202010:54 am

not going to work on my projects/websites until Randy Forcellina is arrested/gone

I’m not going to work on my projects/websites until Randy Forcellina is arrested or leaves this area. He, and others he “hired”, are nearby using technology on many people, in order to brainwash. This is my life. He is the jealous one that infiltrated my Dad’s life and everyone around me. Any “streaming” of me (which is really stalking, harassment and physical assault) is illegal and unconsensual. FYI this is probably the biggest “ghosting” case in history, and David A. Livingston and the DA are not only sticking up for (aiding and abetting) a career criminal (Randy Forcellina), but are participating in the mental and physical abuse of me, using technology.

07/03/202010:03 am

i am being “ghosted” (massive identity theft)

Randy Forcellina is “ghosting” me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghosting_(identity_theft) The sad, creepy and scary thing is, he is nearby and infiltrated my Dad’s life, and my Dad likes him more and gave him my original documents after I crashed my Dad’s car and my luggage wasn’t given back to me. Randy, with the help of my Dad now, wants to “take everything away” from me, specifically my life, home, social media and domain names/websites, out of pure jealousy.

07/03/202012:36 am

Actually I’m not going anywhere, I have confidence my abusers will be exposed enough soon by me just doing nothing lol they just expose themselves more and more w their lies/brainwashing

07/03/202012:35 am

they had left me alone in June and came back ~ the 20th

They had left me alone for a while in June & I was actually able to be productive & work on my projects, but they “came back” around the 20th & I haven’t been able to do anything since then besides eat & be abused/controlled 247, physically and mentally, using technology by people my Dad (Brian Peterson) paid to “dispose” of me and “replace” me. Now they’re going to take credit for everything I’ve done and steal everything from me, thanks to him and others in their sick “group”.