08/11/20208:16 pm

made more youtube vlogs, made a tiktok account and cool tiktok videos!

check out my youtube. today was pretty boring. just being my goofy self. and i made a tiktok account! @breesolaris. go to tiktok.com/@breesolaris and see my cool videos. there’s a cool game on there where you tilt your head to answer trivia questions but i wasn’t fast enough at it so my score was 1/10 -_-

08/10/20209:56 pm

made/edited videos all day lol

and didn’t eat TOO much. went to 99 ranch and got tofu, but i haven’t made any yet. i’ll be sticking to my diet better 🙂 ate lots of cheese today. my only flaw was too many blueberries and an apple. i don’t think apples are that healthy.

i practiced makeup in the morning and was horrible. i’m afraid of overdoing it with the makeup because i don’t want to ruin my good skin.

i made more youtube videos. check them out! warning: they can be boring. bree.net/youtube

08/10/20207:38 am

had a good day with dad yesterday, going for walks more starting today/this morning…

08/09/20206:42 am

trying to come up with good content ideas for my channel…

08/08/202011:40 pm

it’s the 2-year anniversary of my gender reassignment surgery! 8/8/18