08/28/20209:30 pm

latest life recap…

– been making youtube videos
– made 5 videos today
– have 60+ videos on youtube
– got custom youtube url: youtube.com/breesolaris
– working on e-commerce business ideas / online store
– writing / brainstorming content for new videos
– have not been doing too well on my diet, i’ve been gaining weight

08/28/20209:26 pm

my vlogs for today…

08/28/20209:23 pm

some interesting snacks i reviewed…

Asian Snack Review: Lonely God Seaweed Flavor Potato Crisps
Mexican Snack Review: Churrumais Con Limoncito
Mexican Snack Review: Marinela Gansito Filled Snack Cake

08/27/20209:28 pm

recap: got asian snacks, reviewed lay’s grilled squid potato chips, got custom youtube url – youtube.com/breesolaris


08/27/20209:27 pm

BREE SHOW episode 1 – officialllll ;D