05/22/2020 5:28 am

I am scared of my Dad/partner/husband

Back at home w/ my Dad. my psychotic jealous stalker had surgeries to look exactly like me. he has impersonated me to the point where he looks exactly how i looked in 2018. my stalker is psychotic. my stalker (who has stolen my identity at every level and literally had many surgeries to look identical to me) is Randy Forcellina. i’m at home w/ my Dad but he may try to forcibly have me committed for no reason. He has stolen all of my assets illegally by illegally getting power of attorney. I am not autistic, I have no mental handicaps, I am not mentally disabled, I do not need a conservator. None of the rumors that him and others have spread are true. They are all lies in order to steal all of my stuff, while having me murdered and replaced with Randy Forcellina. Brian Peterson has been mentally and emotionally abusing me, tormenting and bullying me virtually nonstop for the past 2 weeks. It has been witnessed by many. They purposely commit hate crimes and say hate speech, in order to torture, abuse and ridicule me. They are bullies and dangerous criminals. Again, I am scared of my house guest, Brian Peterson. He needs to leave, so I can finally enjoy my home again. Actually, he needs to leave immediately because I am scared of him. I think he will try to invite Randy Forcellina (again, he looks identical to my pictures) into the house to kidnap me. Brian Peterson has committed the worst forms of abuse against me possible. I didn’t ever think that he had it in him. He has a very, very evil side that people have witnessed and many people are now starting to realize. For the past 2 weeks, he has been conspiring to kill me behind my back and mentally abusing and torturing me along the way. His goal is to call the cops for no reason and have me 5150’d. This will not work, since I am in my room doing nothing. If I get 5150’d to a psych ward, they will keep me locked up for a VERY long time and Randy Forcellina will assume my identity. After that, I would be on the streets homeless with no forms of ID, no money (I have ~$3000 in my bank account that I can access – I can’t access the rest of my accounts – Brian Peterson kept all of the accounts hidden from me, has been giving money to everyone in his family, and literally stole everything from me financially. I literally only have access to $3000. I have nothing now. I’m destitute. I don’t even have my social security card or birth certificate. I only have my driver’s license as my form of ID, while my stalker has an incredible amount of ID’s in my name. I’m in my room doing nothing and fear for my life of my stalkers/killers. I am especially afraid of Brian, he has been threatening to have me illegally committed or have the cops called on me for no reason, so that he can kick me out and so that his friend AJ can move in and they can start some sort of reality show, lol. This is my life and this is my home. I’m in my room. He was abusing me because he wants me to leave my home, which is not happening until I get my assets back and am in a safe, protected home away from my abusers/stalkers/killers, which include Brian Peterson.

Randy Forcellina is across the street, conspiring to illegally break and enter and kidnap me. In other words, Randy is back and he looks even more like my pictures than I do.

My psychotic jealous stalker had surgeries to look exactly like me. he has stolen my identity and impersonated me to the point where he looks exactly how i looked in 2018.

My stalkers are in the neighbors houses again. i’m scared… they’re trying to have me committed or sent away and have Randy assume my identity. This is scary.

“The Group” is back and my own Dad/partner/husband, Brian, is part of “the group” and threatening to have me imprisoned and raped, institutionalized for a long time or thrown on the streets with no shelter.

I’m scared. I’m being mentally, emotionally, sexually abused nonstop by my Dad, Brian. He purposely calls me the wrong pronouns behind my back, calls me “boy”, says weird sick fetishes, etc.

I am scared of being kidnapped by Randy (who looks exactly like me) & thrown on streets, my Dad Brian is a traitor to the LGBT community for committing hate crimes against me, calling me boy, threatening to replace my estradiol with testosterone, sexually & mentally abusing me.

My Dad/partner/husband transferred out and closed our joint account and is threatening to throw me on the streets with no clothes, food or money.

My eyeglasses are scratched and he doesn’t even want to wait a week until I can get a new pair. I lost my birth certificate and social security card in the accident. He is threatening to claim that I am Randy Forcellina when he knows that I am Brian Brytus, the REAL Bree. Randy Forcellina had enough surgeries to look identical to how I looked in the past and has started to assume my identity. I need a lawyer ASAP.

04/29/2020 4:45 pm

overweight ;/

i need to lose weight, as i said. today i ate too much, already. i need to stop with the sugar binges. i need to stop eating ice cream.

04/28/2020 5:47 pm

1st post… again

I’m restarting my blog. this is my first official post, again. trying to lose weight again. i gained so much weight in the past 6 weeks, since i stopped journaling. i’ll try to keep some diet accountability in here, since that is what i mostly blogged/journaled about, before i stopped. i’m determined to keep the journal up! i shouldn’t have taken it down. i hadn’t blogged in 6 weeks.

03/09/2020 2:24 am

Hate Crimes, Harassment, and Stalking Laws

This should be one of the easiest cases for Contra Costa Sheriff, Contra Costa District Attorney and FBI Sacramento (tips.fbi.gov) to prove.

The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, also known as the Matthew Shepard Act, is an American Act of Congress, passed on October 22, 2009,[1] and signed into law by President Barack Obama on October 28, 2009,[2] as a rider to the National Defense Authorization Act for 2010 (H.R. 2647). Conceived as a response to the murders of Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr., both in 1998, the measure expands the 1969 United States federal hate-crime law to include crimes motivated by a victim’s actual or perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.[3]

The bill also:

  • Removes, in the case of hate crimes related to the race, color, religion, or national origin of the victim, the prerequisite that the victim be engaging in a federally protected activity, like voting or going to school;
  • Gives federal authorities greater ability to engage in hate crimes investigations that local authorities choose not to pursue;
  • Provides $5 million per year in funding for fiscal years 2010 through 2012 to help state and local agencies pay for investigating and prosecuting hate crimes;
  • Requires the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to track statistics on hate crimes based on gender and gender identity (statistics for the other groups were already tracked).[4][5]

Harassment covers a wide range of behaviors of an offensive nature. It is commonly understood as behavior that demeans, humiliates or embarrasses a person, and it is characteristically identified by its unlikelihood in terms of social and moral reasonableness. In the legal sense, these are behaviors that appear to be disturbing, upsetting or threatening. They evolve from discriminatory grounds, and have an effect of nullifying or impairing a person from benefiting their rights. When these behaviors become repetitive, they are defined as bullying.

Stalking is unwanted and/or repeated surveillance by an individual or group toward another person.[1] Stalking behaviors are interrelated to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them. The term stalking is used with some differing definitions in psychiatry and psychology, as well as in some legal jurisdictions as a term for a criminal offense.[2][3]

According to a 2002 report by the U.S. National Center for Victims of Crime, “virtually any unwanted contact between two people that directly or indirectly communicates a threat or places the victim in fear can be considered stalking”,[4] although in practice the legal standard is usually somewhat stricter.

03/08/2020 2:15 pm

stalker is threatening to frame me…

my stalker over the remote connection in my head is threatening to frame me, impersonate me online, and do stuff in my name. i’m an innocent Angel. i’ve never done anything wrong and never will. really scared.

03/07/2020 9:17 am

ongoing stalking/murder of me…

If anyone “tunes in” to me, you are witnessing torture and attempting to be brainwashed against me. They hijack my entire mind and body and hit my brain. They love to hit my prefrontal cortex because it is a serious form of mental abuse.

Don’t believe anyone that claims to know me or anything that they say over the connection. They get opportunists and criminals to make stuff up. If anyone is given a link or whatever to “tune in” and watch me, just report them to the Contra Costa DA and Sheriff immediately and help make this stop.

They create and flash images and thoughts into my mind, in order to brainwash people against me. This is all psychological torture and abuse. They are evil. They physically assault my brain, vagina, and other areas to prevent people from having an emotional connection to me and seeing me as the sweet, innocent Angel that I am.

This is the most severe form of assault, abuse, torture, brainwashing and murder. Please help me get my stalker/killer arrested. Please report him to the Contra Costa DA and Sheriff with evidence and help me get him arrested. This is the only way that he still stop.

This is literally 11 years of justice in the making.

Please take the side of Good/Truth/Law and make it stop ASAP.

This is still ongoing murder (and attempted murder) of me that MANY people know about, are witnessing, and have evidence of.

This actually will eventually be a landmark case in history when good people take my side and the side of Love, Truth, Law, and Justice… and as soon as the Contra Costa Sheriff’s office does their job.

03/07/2020 8:13 am

109.6 (~950 calories)

I was 109.6lbs… only because i still haven’t had a bowel movement, i hadn’t peed, and i ate like 6 hours before weighing myself. 245 in rice cakes, about 470 in hummus, and 240 in laughing cow cheese… like 6 hours before weighing myself.

listening to a fats domino best of cd. love him so much!

03/07/2020 12:28 am

just stopped hitting stomach and causing nausea, confident this will stop soon

they just stopped causing the severe nausea and torture shortly after i started eating and posted, because i think he told good people to “tune in” right after stopping so that he can try to get away with it. or some people might somehow be subscribed to my journal/blog or were somehow alerted and he knew more people “tuned in” right after the post so he stopped, to not look as evil. it was some of the worst torture ever inflicted, but he has had people do it at that intensity at times before (last year).

i actually do have Faith that he will eventually stop be be forced to stop, somehow. i think it will happen very soon. then, when i feel safe (when he leaves brentwood or is held accountable for his crimes), i can actually take down posts and go back to living my quiet life, without social media or having to document this online. that’s only when i feel safe and protected from him. i am only doing this for my own safety and so that he can’t kill me to cover up his crimes. that’s the ONLY reason i even posted my stalker’s name.

so, as i’ve said… why exactly did he move across the street from me? why is he even in brentwood? especially when i’ve been reporting him to authorities for several months (when he still lived in CT and had local people stalk me and say his same dumb “keywords” and do his same dumb skits), before he physically moved across the street from me shortly before christmas. so why did he convince a neighbor across the farm to let him stay at their place? oh yeah, to murder me with directed energy weapons and brainwash others to cover his tracks. again… why is he even in brentwood? he has no reason for being this close to me, other than to continue his severe stalking/abuse/murder of me. look at occam’s razor. this is insane.

this is my home. i’ve been in brentwood, in the same house, pretty much every single day, with my Dad, since 8/1/2017 and i’ve lived in the bay area since 1/2017. i have a ton of evidence (and witnesses and alibi) to support this. my Dad and lots of other people know this. the stuff he makes up is the craziest, sickest, most disgusting stuff i’ve ever heard. i don’t even understand all of it. that’s why someone (authorities) needs to protect me from him. he corrupted people all around the neighborhood in the process of spreading this fake content/dossier. i don’t care if he says stuff behind my back, but when it’s deranged/sick sexual stuff said directly to me, it scares me and i need to be protected because i don’t even understand all of it and don’t want to be subjected to it, especially 18+ hours a day and when it gets weirder and weirder.

also, anyone who actually looks at it rationally can also see that there’s a lot of jealousy involved. i have the best home and best Dad.

oh yeah and i also never “raped” anyone or done any of the crazy things he says. anyone that knows me knows i am a very shy, reclusive woman and rarely leave the house. i am asexual and have no “fetishes”, i don’t even masturbate. and i am actually a virgin, before and after i had gender reassignment surgery. i never used my penis, when i had one. i’ve never touched a girl/woman sexually, ever, in my life. he claims that i had sex with underage people. this is INSANE. it is all made up slander and he makes up fake content. he drags innocent people and names into the mix, created a fake “dossier”, and in the process is slandering/harassing them, too (since he spread his fake slander/content/dossier to literally 1000+ people). he hasn’t stopped since christmas time, but i think now he is starting to realize and is smart enough to quit while he’s ahead. again, this is the most severe and sickest form of stalking. it is all torture/murder/brainwashing (of others) until the directed energy weapons and bci are turned off. i just want to go back to living my quiet, reclusive life, in my home. people are finally starting to see through all of his lies.

03/07/2020 12:05 am

made it through friday fast but some bad news too (extreme nausea/vomiting)…

it’s officially midnight! i started writing this out a little before midnight, around 11:45pm so that i could start eating right after midnight, but anyway, yeah… i made it through another friday fast 🙂 i didn’t eat anything, but i did have a grande starbucks coffee with a splash of soy milk in it. i am not counting that as eating, though. i had coffee earlier, made at home, but i didn’t use any almond milk and i haven’t drank any almond milk. so, all i had today was water, coffee, and coffee with a splash of soy milk. i have my food laid out on my desk already and i’m about to eat. it’s midnight! yesss. i’m having hummus, laughing cow cheese and rice cakes. unfortunately i don’t think i will be able to enjoy it much or have it remain in my stomach for long…

unfortunately, my stalking and the use of directed energy weapons (i think specifically microwave weapons) has been insane. they are causing extreme nausea and vomiting. now it’s just extreme nausea and pain. i won’t even be able to enjoy my meal. my stalker is REALLY scared of getting arrested (because i think some really good people and authorities are involved, the right people) and doing everything he can to kill me before he does get arrested, which will hopefully be very soon. he is really desperate to kill me at this point. i’ve been having nonstop nausea and vomiting. i vomited all of the water i had in my stomach and was puking up bile. it wasn’t the new medication that i tried, because that was thrown up too and they can literally stop it on command and let me know. they have done this many times before, when i wasn’t on any medication. they know that this is the most severe form of torture. again, i am being rapidly murdered… and severely tortured along the way.

i am just documenting this for my own safety and evidence. police, fbi and people around are aware of all of this and a lot of good people (and the RIGHT people) are aware and witnessing it too, which is why i believe my stalker is getting more and more aggressive and desperate in his murder of me. the nonstop nausea is insanely torturous, painful and deadly. again, they have done this specific attack to me at times before, but never for this long and this intense. going to try to enjoy my meal then try to get some sleep…

03/06/2020 8:36 am

108.8lbs, contra costa da finally taking claims seriously…

108.8 with just socks on. still no bowel movement. probably realistically 108.0 after. not really hungry. can definitely make it through my fast today easily. they’re slowing down my metabolism and trying to make me gain weight.

btw, still being stalked and slandered and they are trying to brainwash others by hijacking my entire brain and body (human trafficking) unconsensually with the intent to brainwash others (originally unconsensually remotely trafficking me sexually, having people remotely rape me and also just have other people pay to watch me etc. i never got paid anything but they said over the “connection” in my head that they were making money in bitcoin by having people remotely rape me and watch me). they’re apparently using “directed energy weapons” and a “BCI”? only heard the term BCI around 7 months ago. all of the slander and lies about me and stuff he creates about me and fake “content” is a distraction because my stalker is afraid of going to prison for life. if he was smart, he would quit while he’s ahead and get out of brentwood before he really is arrested. authorities just need to quietly arrest him or make him get away from me and stop stalking me. stalking is probably the easiest thing for them to prove. that’s the only way he will stop. i don’t care about local people he gets to stalk me.

at least contra costa da is finally taking it seriously. outboost/my stalker is already being investigated by Contra Costa DA’s office. that letter is from Feb 25th. i have faith that they will get a warrant for his arrest and make him leave me alone and get away from my home. that’s the only way that he will stop. this has been going on every day, basically like 18hrs a day (sometimes 24/7 for days at a time sleep depriving me and assaulting/killing me while flashing images/thoughts and brainwashing others with their technology) since a little before christmas. as soon as he’s forced to stop or leave me alone and i feel safe, i can finally stop posting about this and have my quiet life back here in my home. still have severe ptsd and anxiety from this. and yes, i have always had other mental illness and not able to maintain a job and that’s why i am easily discredited. i didn’t even want social media. i just have to do it to tell the Truth and protect myself from him and document it because i fear for my life. i need protection from him but i don’t have any evidence. that’s why anyone witnessing my stalking and abuse needs to contact the contra costa DA and Sheriff on my behalf and stick up for me. my stalker is not even supposed to be near me or in brentwood, he has no reason to be here. i don’t even care about any of the people he recruits to stalk me. all of the made up trollish content he made up is a giant distraction and he drags innocent names and slanders others along the way. the voices get weirder and weirder, i don’t even know what all of it means, they flash images in my head, i’m scared of him. he’s not supposed to be near me. they have to kill me in my home. not leaving house without Dad anymore.